Lifestyle determines 95% of our Health & Wellness

The simple choices you make daily create a compound effect of Wellness. 

Let me help you explore small choices you can integrate into your daily regime to create massive change in your energy, vitality & happiness!

Self-Care & Mindset  ~  Nutrition  ~  Fitness  ~  Sleep  ~  Environment
Self-Care, Mindset & Stress Management
I have spent the past 2 decades exploring the mind-body connection and the POWER we have through our focus and mindset. From my studies in BioBehavioral Health at Penn State to Master Certification in Neurolingustic Programming (NLP), and certifications in various Yoga and Meditation Traditions as well as energy & bodywork modalities, 
I am here to support your Mindset Journey.  
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"We are what we eat" is not a figurative saying. From choosing fresh, live, and -when possible- organic foods to filling in the gaps with vitamin & mineral supplements, digestive support (let's set up a consultation to explore your needs & microbiome health), and antioxidants - I'm here to EMPOWER your nutrition journey and help you create more ENERGY & Vitality!

Take your cooking to the #nextlevel and infuse it with essential oils!
It wasn't until I feel in love with essential oils that Young Living inadvertently introduced me to the importance that reducing toxins plays in our Lifestyle Journey. For over 15 years after college, I focused on everything from eating healthy to meditation & exercise, but never questioned the products I was smearing all over by body daily or cleaning my home with. When I began to literally "clean up my act" and switch to safer beauty, personal care, and household products, it really brought my Wellness game to the #nextlevel! 

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Fitness, Exercise & Weight Management
You can be FIT, yet not necessarily Healthy.
It's possible to be "fit" yet not Healthy. We want to be sure that we avoid a lot of processed foods & artificial ingredients (our 'fitness' shakes & bars are often big culprits in this). We also want to be sure that we are reducing toxic personal care products and giving our body the chance to cleanse daily by supporting our liver and entire digestive system.
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- A quarterly 5 Day Cleanse!  Join your 6 Week Cleanse & Energize Journey
- Daily Digestive & Detox Support
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Restful Sleep

 Supporting a good's night sleep can be as easy as a few simple evening rituals! 

 - Reducing screen time/ blue light the hours before sleep
- Breathing & Relaxation Nightcap Exercises
- Aromatherapy
- Supplements & Endocrine System Support can help too - Let's CHAT!
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Explore the POWER of small, consistent choices  
that will create a compound effect & support you  
Living your most Radiant Life!