Have fun with Miss Melissa & Yoga Journeys' Guests as you explore Yoga, Breathing & Relaxation exercises and the World around us!
Season 1

Where is Away?
In this episode of Yoga Journeys we explore fun yoga poses & restorative relaxation! Then we travel to Alliance Landfill, meet John Hambrose., and SEE what happens when we 'throw something away!' 

Let's Explore Affirmations!
From changing the way we breathe to changing the thoughts we think, we share tools that empower us to feel better in the midst of stress.  Follow along using kinesiology testing that shows how your thoughts affect your body and explore 5 steps to creating affirmations-  transforming negative thoughts into positive ones!

Let's Explore a Yoga Vinyasa & Meet Compost John!
In this episode of Yoga Journeys we explore a flowing sequence of yoga stretches called a yoga vinyasa and meet Compost John, who explores the concept of composting with us!
Join us as we get our hands dirty with some home gardening fun!

Sun Salutations & Meet Mojo the Kitchen Magician! 
The Sun Salutation will stretch, unwind and energize your body and mind. and 'Mojo' the Kitchen Magician will explores the effects that different foods have on our bodies. & makes some 'magic' in the kitchen creating a fun, easy, and healthy no-cook snack with the kids that will help keep you energized & satisfied! 

Let's Energize!
In this episode of Yoga Journeys we explore energizing Yoga exercises and Breathing Techniques! Then we journey to our local natural food store, meet Barry Kaplan, and explore food choices that will also make us feel more ENERGIZED! 

Let's Explore Karate!
Visit the Master's Tong Soo Do Academy & explore some challenging yoga poses that help increase strength & focus as well as a deeply relaxing breathing exercise called alternate nostril breathing.  Then Master Verbeke and his students show us what karate is all about! 

CHI Episode!
Join Master Terra on an exploration of testing how different objects and substances affext your energy, or Chi!
What choices will you make knowing how different things affect YOUR energy?

Let's Explore Sustainability!
We explore the concept of Sustainability and ways that we could help sustain ourselves as well as the Earth to promote long-term Well-Being.  Meet Robert Forsberg who introduces us to a natural waste water system. & explore sustainable choices you can practice at home!

Let's Explore a Yoga Vinyasa & Meet Compost John!
Explore what it means to be kind to ourselves and others. When we are kind, it feels good.  'Push-Up Joe' visits to explore push-up variations with the children and encourages them to celebrate what they CAN do! 

Season 2

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