My Mindset Yoga Book

Guided Yoga Journey ~ Handwriting Practice ~ Coloring Book (Paperback version)

Join Zen, the Mindset Master Monkey, on a journey of positive mindset exploration. You will be guided into yoga poses to relax and strengthen your body, have the opportunity to practice your handwriting skills with affirmations to focus your mind, and proceed on your own quest of Mindset Mastery!

Ideal for children 3-8 years old. Includes handwriting practice pages with affirmations related to the yoga poses! *A free downloadable printable of these handwriting practices pages is available for the Kindle version!

Also explore adding the Bedtime Graitude Journal to your evening routine! 
Each Journal includes 90 days to encourage quality time together, 
reframe challenges, affirm gratitudes, and create a strong foundation 
of a lifetime of Healthly Mindset tools and Joy.
Have you seen our Mindfulness ABC's Book?
Easily make Mindset as F-U-N-dametal as the ABCs as you explore 
Values, Relaxation Skills, and Mindset Tools 
to support a lifetime foundation of Joy, Success, and Emotional Wellness.

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