Have you seen our Mindset Master Book Series?

Mindfulness ABC's Book
Easily make Mindset as F-U-N-dametal as the ABCs as you explore 
Values, Relaxation Skills, and Mindset Tools 
to support a lifetime foundation of Joy, Success, and Emotional Wellness.
My Mindset Yoga Book
Yoga poses to strengthen, breathing to relax, and even the opporitunity to practice handwriting skills with affirmations to focus the mind!

Breath Power                                  Mi Libro de Alientos Poderoso
How would you like to give your child the simple breathing tools that will allow them to move from a state of stress to a state of calm?
A feeling of doubt into confidence?
The ability to let go of difficult feelings?
And to relax and fall asleep more easily?

Bedtime Gratitude Journals
Add a Bedtime Graitude Journal to your evening routine! 
Each Journal includes 90 days to encourage quality time together, 
reframe challenges, affirm gratitudes, and create a strong foundation 
of a lifetime of Healthly Mindset tools and Joy.