Mindset Master
This Workbook is a tool for navigating the liminal space of our life transitions. Liminal is from the Latin word 'limen', which means threshold. It's a place of transition, a time of uncertainty as we move out of a comfort zone of something known and into something new. Our brains crave homeostasis. When things are the same we know what to expect and that feels safe to our 2 million year old genetics. Yes, that brain craves the safety that comes with predictability. It will be fear of uncertainty that may keep you from walking down a dark alley at night, but that same fear can also pull you back from the newness of love or applying for that job you always wanted.
This NLP Workbook is a tool for re-creating your life, by design, and navigating our life up-grades. Change is the only constant.
The choices we make create our reality, life, and legacy; if we are not consciously creating and taking action on those choices then we are simply continuing the predictable patterns that have become habits, built on limiting beliefs and programming most likely created in childhood ages 0-7.

We will begin just as we would any journey, exploring where we are and deciding where we are going. One step at a time, honoring the present and consciously stepping into the Life we are Designing.

Easily make Mindset as F-U-N-dametal as the ABCs as you explore 
Values, Relaxation Skills, and Mindset Tools 
to support a lifetime foundation of Joy, Success, and Emotional Wellness!
 These Bedtime Tools will help you start a tradition of sharing and healthy mindset ...together.