Aroma Achoring NLP Workshop
Do you ever shy away from a task or action because of self-doubt or fear?
Would you like to have a tool that creates a INSTANT STATE OF CONFIDENCE and motivation?

Dive into my absolute favorite NLP Anchoring Technique that will allow you to take an Empowered Confident State with you absolutely anywhere and anytime on-command.
Sounds great doesn't it?
It's even more than that- it's outstanding!
In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Anchoring - an NLP technique you're actually already quite familiar with.

Howso, you ask?
Can you remember a movie that you LOVE and the song that was playing during ine of your favorite scenes? When you here that song now, it brings back all those feelings from the scene, doesn't it?

This $25 group workshop will guide you to create an anchor for the feelings YOU CHOOSE with NLP anchoring techniques!
We will make the anchoring even more powerful by Anchoring the resulting states to an essential oil blend of your choosing - my recommendation is Young Living's Valor Blend! This blend already has the grounding and centering properties of a recipe that dates back to the time of Roman warriors! You can order it here: or you can get started with the entire YL Starter Kit (it includes a free diffuser) here:

See you on ZOOM April 11th!  (you will be emailed the Zoom link after Registration!)
Be in a space where you can easily choose to stand up for the exercise! 
Get ready to create your very own Ring Of Power!

$25/per person