Genius Resources
Basic User Information 
These will get you up to speed in no time!

GenuisMasteryGuideApril2019.pdf This is the basic manual for the Genius. Make sure you have this printed and handy!
EntangledInsights.pdf List of entangled insights
Genius Herbs Guide  HerbsGuideGeniusBiofeedback.pdf

Dr. Policano Videos 
These are some of my favorites.

Starting a Scan
Beginner Training
Link 3
Trouble Shooting Resources

Be sure you are 100% updated to the latest IOS on your device

1) Download the Genius again from these links:
2) Untrusted MessageDo you get the Untrusted Message? If so, be sure to go to the Settings on your device and choose "General" and then choose "Device Management" and then "Trust" or Verify the device. 
3) Sign in using Existing user log in 
4) Restore Database
5) Enjoy your Genius!