This Blog is for everyone that is energy-sensitive, and especially for energy workers/ massage therapists/ counselors/ bodyworkers.
Do you ever feel drained after working with people all day? being in crowds? around negative or sick people?

We pick up dirty energy- I'd use the word 'negative' instead of 'dirty' but there's no reason to judge. It's just part of life. 
Some of the recent Pranic Healing training I've done with Master Co has given me such empowering insight, tools, and energetic self-care instruction. I absolutely wish I had this information when I began my career over 20 years ago. Many of you know that I had a successful bodywork practice that I retired from about 10 years ago. 
I'll be honest; I was totally burnt out. I wasn't moving energy properly, meaning in a way that wasn't draining to me. And I wasn't clearing and cleaning enough or as powerfully as I could have been. I was partially educated, and what I didn't know shifted a career that was once invigorating, to one that was deeply depleting. 

This Blog will allow me to share some cleansing tools that are an important part of the energy clearing equation. These cleansing resources have allowed me to work with energy again and "clean" properly so that I remain feeling vibrant and invigorated.

I invite you to use these recipes along with daily cord-cutting. I've been taught various cord cutting visualizations, and I'd like to share two insights.
One, we cannot cut any cords of love, so let that ease your mind. Two, high energy flows to low energy- it's just physics. I invite you to take ill intention out of the equations and simply know if you are a helper in any way, personally - a parent or loving neighbor- or professionally - a teacher, counselor, speaker, influencer, bodyworker- cords just happen and they don't happen only with significant relationships in your life, so just make cord cutting a daily, maybe nightly, ritual. If you don't already have a visualization of cutting energetic cords, there are plenty of videos/meditations you can find with a google! I encourage you to imagine cutting/severing any cords easily and quickly from the front of your body and back of your body using a visualization or physical action followed by cleansing your energy field. I never had this second piece in my educational tool-set and do believe it was a significant factor in my eventual burnout from bodywork.

The second step of cleansing your energy field can be done with visualization, smudging with sage, or some of these below recipes that incorperate high-quality essential oils. The final step (3rd step) is to then infuse the space/ energy-field with Light- which I translate to love/compassion/forgiveness. Sometimes I even plug in the severed cords from others to Source (whatever word you would like to use) or to their highest selves (Soul). I've heard other teachers say that they plug those cords into sacred places like churches. I personally like this final step, but it's been a rare final step in most of the cord cutting I've been taught. My first teacher, Elza, would always say "I cut any negative cords and fill them with the love of God."

May these recipes be helpful for you in the second step of this energy clearing process or be used as energy clearing on their own.

These recipes use the frequency and color
of the essential oils to cleanse, clear, and disintegrate dirty energy.

I use the essentail oils a few different ways. If you don't already have a Young Living Account, feel free to order through my link and save 10% with Promo Code: SHAREYL

#1 Salt Baths
1 Cup Salt
(table or dead sea salt, not Epsom)
8-10 drops Young Living Oil
Instructions: Add 5-8 drops of your Young Living Oil choice to 1 cup salt. Soak in tub no longer than 20 minutes.
Note: for energy cleansing purposes we are using regular salt, not epsom salts.

#2 Sprays
8-10 drops Young Living Oil
A pinch of non-iodized sea salt
½ oz vodka (or witch hazel)
Top off with distilled water
Instructions: Put salt in the bottle and drop essential oils on top. Let it soak for a minute or two. Add vodka and water. Shake before each use! Spray in air, on pillows, fabrics, linens, etc!

#3 Roll-Ons
10-20 drops Young Living Oil
Instructions: Per Roll-on Bottle add 10-20 drops of your Young Living Oil of Choice and top with carrier oil of your choice. Young Living's V-6 oil or organic  avocado oil is recommended because they each have a very neutral scent.

These are my favorite roll-ons. Note: If you choose the roll-ons with crystals, decrease the amount of essential oils by half!

And finally, here are the best oils to use for cleansing, clearing, and disintegrating dirty energy.
I trust the quality of Young Living Oils and have been using them for over a decade. I believe quality matters and they are guaranteed not just for purity but also for potency. Learn more and shop through my link here. If you are a new customer feel free to use Promo Code: SHAREYL and check out!
Let's break down some of the most powerful oils to use for energetic cleansing into their color blueprint.
Orange Energy quickly disintegrates dirty energy. It's no coincidence religious traditions from around the world utilize Frankincense in their rituals. Both Frankincense and Eucalyptus are powerful expellers to add to any of the above recipes for baths, roll-ons, or sprays!
Green Energy also has a cleansing quality. Tea Tree, Sandalwood, and Pine all have concentrated green energy and powerful for purification. (Click on any of those highlighted oils to be directed right to the Young Living site to learn more)
Lavender is actually 20% Blue and 80% Violet Energy, therefore breaking down and cleansing dirty energy. It's my favorite for a bedtime salt bath as it's, of course, quite calming before bed!
Sage is a powerful combination of Green, Blue, and Violet. Using dry sage to burn (smudge) or the essential oil in any of the above recipes- I LOVE creating a spray to clear rooms as I'm a bit sensitive to smoke- is one of my favorites especially after seeing clients.

Enjoy using essential oils for supporting yourself energetically as well as all the additional ways you can use them to support yourself and your family- sleep, digestion, immune support... all the things! Check out my other blogs and website for all kinds of wellness tips for the whole family- including your furry family members!


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