Get your Colon Rollin' - 5 Easy Steps

Get your Colon Rollin' - 5 Easy Steps
Ever notice when your bowels are not moving regularly, you feel more sluggish? Even a bit foggy?

Did you know that ancient yogis always eliminated their colon before meditation because it was easier to meditate, stay alert, and have a clear mind?

Regular, easy, healthy bowel movements (we will get more into detail about what that literally 'looks' like in just a bit- oh boy- get excited!) ideally should happen 2x's a day. When it doesn't we are literally reabsorbing toxins sitting in our colon that our body is waiting to expel. 

So what can we do about it? Whether this is a regular issue or comes up during stress or travel, there are some simple ways to support your Digestive System as well as the quality of your bowels. Yes! Quality matters! We are going for #4 on this Bristol Stool Chart. Ideal, you'd like it to float too! This may all sound weird and ridiculous at the moment, but once you make some changes and FEEL the energy that comes with these signs of a Healthy Digestive System, you may just find yourself cheering and congratulating yourself when you produce your first floaters!

Now, let's get to it!
5 Ways to get your Colon Rollin'!
(Feel free to sing "Rollin' Rollin' Rollin', Get your Colon Rollin' to the tune of the old Western 'Rawhide opening theme song')

1. Hydration (all highlighted words are links should you want more information- except these! Hahahaha!) 
Drinking half of your bodyweight in ounces per day is a great rule of thumb, but you also want to be sure that you have a proper Electrolyte balance and clean water source. Clean filtered water not stored in plastic is ideal. My favorite filtering systems are the Living Water Filter and Berkey Water System. And I certainly notice when I am properly hydrated and use Trace Mineral Supplement, Mineral Essence, in my routine!
Carrying water with you through the day is a sure way to drink enough as well; If we wait until we are already thirsty, we may already be getting dehydrated! It is important to choose water bottles that are free of plastic, especially when the water bottles we carry (and sometimes leave in a hot car) go through big temperature changes. You also want to be sure a metal water bottle is free of aluminum (often cheap ones advertised as stainless steel have plenty of cheap aluminum in them that can seep into your water) and glass ones are free of lead! Our favorite brands that we trust are Hydroflask for high quality stainless steel and Lifefactory for glass water bottles (glass is best if you're also infusing with ingestible Young Living Vitality Oils- a great alternative to artificially colored and flavored waters!)

2. Movement I apologize for the ad at the beginning, but this video put out by the Himalayan Institute on how to do the simple yoga practice of Agni Sara is THE BEST! The benefits are incredible for everything from digestive health to lymph flow to energy and even youthfulness. It's best done on an empty stomach first thing in the morning! You can even do it as you wait for tea water to boil! Breath of Fire as well as regular Diaphramic Breathing also massages the colon and can support peristaltic movement. I have instruction for both of these breathing exercises & more FREE in the Self-Care focused  Member Area "Fill your Cup" on my website-enjoy!
In addition to the power that deep breathing has for the health of our entire system- mind and body. Regular exercise as simple as 20 minute walks are wonderful too! If that isn't possible - for example if one is in bed- the stretch of bringing one knee the chest at a time (10-20 rounds a few times a day, even if assisted) will help put pressure on the ascending and descending colon and encourage movement as well!

3. Diet Lots of processed foods, sugars, and artificial ingredients can wreak havoc on our digestive system and microbiome. Having lots of whole foods, organic vegetables, and healthy fibers in your diet is what makes magic happen (see that #4 on the above Bristol Stool Chart!)
A good probiotic is a phenomenal diet addition and so powerful for our gut microbiome health and balance..
Life-9 Life-9 s our probiltoc of choice! Be sure to refrigerate after opening and if you are taking and antibiotics or a strong antioxidants, take Life-9 between/opposite of them in your schedule. Digestive Enzymes are also a powerful addition to our diet. What is the use of eating great, whole high quality food if we are not properly digesting, absorbing, and utilizing its energy? As we age, the amount of digestive enzymes we produce is exponentially decreased (it's cut in half between our 20's and 40's and continues to decline. Many natural doctors recommend a good digestive enzyme even before a multivitamin!) My favorite digestive enzymes are Essentialzymes for vegetarians and Essential-zymes-4 for omnivores, Check out this FUN VIDEO we did in our Facebook Group using Essentialzymes in an experiment with whole oats!!! 

4. Di-Gize This takes up a whole category because its so easy to add to your daily routine and was such 'digestive support' game changer personally for me! 
If I could only choose one essential oil when traveling, it's Digize. (although I never travel with just one!!) Below is alittle video on how to use Digize topically and/or internally and the safety around it. 
The regular 15ml DiGize is exactly the same oil as the smaller 5ml Vitality Di-gize labeled for internal use, the labeling for topical vs internal is the only difference. 
*When ordering any Young Living products, be sure and purchase directly from the company. That is the on;y way they are guaranteed for purity & potency. Unfortunately many 'sellers' on other platforms dilute or replace contents of the packaging.

5. Supplements High quality Supplements can definitely take you to the next level of microbiome and digestive health support! Check out two supplements that can work wonders when used consistently together!
Comfortone and ICP Daily (or as I like to call it "I see poop"!) are part of my microbiome support that I use regularly!
Comfortone I use as needed to help 'keep my colon rollin'" (everyone kind of has to find what works best with them when using comfortone. Some people take 1 a day and some take 2 in the morning and 3 at night! When determining how many are best for you, I suggest you 'start low.... wait (notice I said WAIT- like 12 to 24 hours before you take more... lol... and increase slowly) 
ICP "bulks up your stool." It's psyllium husk and essential oils and acts as a gentle intestinal cleanse that I use daily or at least every other day. *Be sure when you mix it with water to drink it right away as it thickens.

*with both of the above supplements, of course, be sure to be drinking plenty of water!

Would you like to explore the digestive enzymes and supplements we discussed in this blog more deeply?