Vibration, Frequency & Essential Oils

Vibration, Frequency & Essential Oils

What if everything is frequency? 

Looking at the world through the eyes of quantum physics, everything is energy. What if we began looking at the thoughts we have, the company we keep, the foods we eat, the music we listen to, and even the words we choose as vibrations that affect our emotional state, physical state, and energetic state? An easy way to visualize how vibrations affect us is to imagine that you have two guitars sitting next to each other and you pick the A string of one. The A string of the other will also begin to vibrate! 

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. There has been research that shows this truth in our income, mindset and even weight!  David Hawkins book, ‘Power vs Force’, illustrated the vibrational state of our emotions in this diagram.

In the 1920’s, Dr. Royal R. Rife found that each emotion experienced in the body has a vibrational frequency that our bodies would resonate at and concluded that a low frequency would prevent the healing. He discovered that different organs and tissue in the body had specific frequencies that they optimally worked at and that disease begins when that frequency drops. Here is the chart: 

Before Rife’s discoveries we also had Nikola Tesla researching frequency and health. He is quoted “If we could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.” 

All of this means that we have a tremendous amount of power in what and who we surround ourselves with- from the music & podcasts we listen to, our conversations, thoughts & beliefs, the foods we eat, even the natural and/or toxic products we use in our home.

Our behavior and even our thought patterns themselves can influence our body frequency as well. Negative thoughts will lower your frequency by as much as 12 MHz, and positive thoughts can raise it by 10 MHz! For most of us it’s tough to think positive thoughts all the time. 

That’s where the external influences come in! If we remember that everything has frequency including what we put on or in our body (for example canned or processed food can have a frequency close to zero while fresh produce can reach 15 MHz) imagine what using some of the highest vibrational substances on the planet can do. Yes, we are talking about essential oils!

Check out this frequency chart of essential oils that comes from The Essential Oil Desk Reference.

 *Please note that these are measurements of guaranteed pure and potent essential oils. Many can be on the market and even labeled as pure and/or organic and be synthetic or adulterated. Be sure to do your research. I choose Young Living and you can explore why here.  

Essential oils tend to have very high frequencies, generally ranging from 52 MHz to 320 MHz. Some have claimed that essential oils have the highest frequency of any organic substances on the planet! Rose oil is typically cited as the highest frequency essential oil, resonating at 320 MHz (although some research has indicated that Idaho Blue Spruce can reach up to 580 MHz!)

The frequencies of some common essential oils are…

Frankincense: 147 MHz

Lavender: 118 MHz

Sandalwood: 98 MHz

Peppermint: 78 MHz

Basil: 52 MHz


In addition to choosing high vibrational thoughts, listening to positive messages and music, choosing an uplifting peer group, and eating the healthiest food we have available, making a conscious decision to bring the highest frequency products into our homes and environment is also quite powerful. Check out this Switch to Safer on-demand class to #levelup the household and personal care items that you use daily! 

Here are more ways you can ‘infuse’ your daily routine with high vibrational essential oils! I invite you to try adding some of these rituals into your daily routine! Comment below with your results!!!!

Pairing high vibrational essential oils with crystals is an exponential way to raise frequency EVEN MORE! New to crystals? Check out my on-demand Oils & Crystals class! 

How great are these 10ml DIY Rollers with Crystals IN THEM?!?!? 

My favorite High Frequency Oils, Recipes for DIY Rollers!

Most often, I simply make rollers with my favorite Blends! 

I just mix around 10 drops of the blend with the V-6 Carrier Oil because there is no competing smell. Otherwise I use Organic Avocado oil (it has a neutral smell compared to most other vegetable oils)

My favorite “High-Vibe” blends are:

White Angelica I’m super empathetic. White Angelica is great as an extra protective energy boundary for me. I always use this before doing any kind of bodywork, energy work or even going to a crowded place!

Valor I use Valor daily! It’s great for courage & confidence! The blend comes from oils Roman soldiers used before battle!

Joy I love using Joy over my Heart. “They” say we often won’t like the smell of oils we need, and I will say that if I’m grouch, I don’t like the smell of Joy. However, after I apply it… I start to enJOY it. Coincidence? *Note. Joy contains citrus oils and all citrus oils are photosensitive. So, don’t put it on skin that you’ll be exposing to the sun in the next 24-48 hours.

Highest Potential  The name pretty much says it all. It’s a pretty bad*ss blend!

Rose Interesting to note that if you are interested in the toted high vibrational pure rose oil, it is THICK, like a resin almost! Diluting it in something like an oil makes it so much easier to use, otherwise you may have to warm the bottle (I often hold it in my hands, keep it in my packers for a few minutes, or even let it rest in warm water so the drops come out more easily. This is also true for other thick oils like myrrh or blends that have myrrh in it. Yes, myrrh like in the bible’s 3 wise men story!) That said, you also only need a drop or two instead of 10drops for a 10ml bottle! It's very strong and potent.

*that said, if you are using 10ml Rollers with crytals in them you'll want to reduce the drops used above or in the below recipe to about half since the crystals take up much of the volume in the roller!

Sometimes I do get clever and make recipe blends! Here is a favorite!!

Unicorn Roller Blend!

10 Drops Joy 

5 Drops Release

5 Drops  Sara

5 Drops Bergamont 

10 Drops Grapefriut

*note again the citrus oils which equal photosensitivity, so put it where the sun doesn’t shine!

But my absolute FAVORITE way to to support a high frequency is to start my day with intention and infuse that intention with the GREAT DAY PROTOCOL!

First I start off with a drop or two of Valor in my left hand. I then rub my hands together clockwise, set an intention (add any Reiki symbols here if you’re a practitioner) and then cup my hand over my nose to inhale with 3 deep diaphragmatic breaths. You can also place a drop on your left wrist and hold your wrists together to harmonize the brain's left & right hemisphere as you set your day’s intention. I then place a drop of Harmony  on my solar plexus (just above the belly button), a drop of Joy  over the heart, and finally a drop of  White Angelica over the crown and shoulders!

Have a peek and follow along with my Great Day Protocol Video here!

I love supporting my emotions all day long with oils such as Release or by using the AFT 60 second reset

Have a peek at the Oils & Emotions on-demand class if you’d like to learn more!

One more favorite tip for infusing your day with high vibrations! A drop or two of your favorite oil on an organic cotton round in the filter area of a face mask when you need to wear one or the new Young Living (discreet) Nose Rings that last for up to 6 hours and can be recharged with your favorite oil are INCREDIBLE ways to create your own little aromatherapy bubble of high vibes! Just be sure when you recharge your nose ring, to choose a gentle oil-meaning no ‘hot’ oils. Learn more about hot oils and using essential oils safely in this Essential Oil 101 class.

As always, I’m here anytime for questions, tools, and support!

Comment below with your favorite ways to infuse a high frequency environment and please share your experience!

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